Who We Are


We’ve been building custom software for business of all sizes and all industries since 2005. That’s over a decade of experience with clients ranging from individuals to multi-national oil-services firms from budgets ranging from tens of thousands to millions. We’ve crafted video games, dabbled in internet security, mended healthcare apps and untangled countless small businesses


Onshore. In-house. Every time. We invest in our people, growing our developers from entry-level on up. We’re a business but also a family, and we want our clients to feel welcome in our home. All our developers started here, learned here, and they thrive here. Some left the nest and came back stronger because there’s no place like home. Let us invest in you, too.


We love what we do! We are digital craftsmen and craftswomen. We make good software from scratch, just like our mommas taught us. And good software takes time because we obsess over quality just as much as you do. We’ll take you all the way from idea to development and through QA to launch. No cranked-out, cheap knock-offs here because good enough never is.

What We Do

Yeah, We Can Build That

Digitize Your Business

Shouldn't computers be doing that for you by now? Yes. Yes, they should.

Stop designing your business around your tools, and start designing your tools around your business!

We’re in the business of revolutionizing and streamlining your business. Keep your team tight and your margins high by raising the efficiency of your team, not your headcount. We learn how your business works, how you wish it worked and then design and build custom software to make your wishes come true.

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Realize Your Vision

Got a cool idea on paper? Let's make it a cool idea on your screen!

Give your investors and stakeholders a demonstration of your vision, instead of just telling them about it!

Upgrade your pitch from idea to reality with a proof-of-concept prototype or initial version of your revolutionary app. Our team thrives on rapidly iterating with entrepreneurs to bang out bits and bytes. We build on the most sought-after platforms: Websites, iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more.

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Your Tech Guru

Would you go to court without a lawyer? Why talk tech without a CTO?

You're in tech, but don't know tech? You need a wizard whispering in your ear. Let us be your tech advocate and guide!

You know what you know and you know it well, but although tech talk sounds like English, it’s not. Let us be your part-time CTO or Project Manager. We’ll sit on your side of the table to translate, advise, explain, and, if you like, actually step in to negotiate and manage the technical side of your business.

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Sell Stuff Online

Need an online storefront? Yeah, we build those too.

You have products people want. Boost your sales from foot traffic to web traffic with an online store!

E-commerce platforms promise do-it-yourself stores in minutes. Sure… if you accept a pile of compromises and don’t care how it looks. Or, you can build your own from scratch… for all the money. We take those “easy” platforms and use our developer skills to bend them into no-compromise sales machines, giving you what you want at a price you can afford.

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Team Members

Ross Wright

Owner / CEO

Ross has been writing software since he was 10, and he’s still not sick of it. He has deep expertise in Windows desktop and Web using C#, Microsoft.NET, JavaScript, and HTML5. He has a knack for explaining tech things to non-tech people, and he has a legacy of success evaluating developers and building software teams. He also loves apocalypse movies and is fully prepared for the end of everything. Party at his house if the world ends.

Darryl James

COO / Project Director

Darryl has over 15 years’ experience in project management, control, and development. He’s worked on projects with all sorts of budgets, from four thousand to four billion, and all sorts of companies, from Google to Pross Co. He has a history of delivering ahead of schedule and under budget. He’s also tackled a Mahi Mahi (which he ate) and punched a famous rocker (which he did not eat.)

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